Customer Comments

Thank you for sending the huipil so quickly. It is so gorgeous. I am sure everyone tells you this, but the colors are so vibrant! I absolutely love the doves, The workman ship is just exquisite. I really like the fabric the embroidery is on, too. I was expecting just plain cotten, but this looks like a good, strong twill. I can see that it will last forever.

I think it will be perfect for fall and winter weather here, because it is so open. I can't wait for cooler weather. I must also say that after seeing it and trying it on in person I feel like I got a bargain. Thanks again. 
Linda Brady Porter, Hammond, Louisiana

"My Wife Loves It!"
Clark Hendley, New Braunfels, Texas          

Hey, Ollie Booker! I think you're great :)  Have a wondeful day.

I have one of Ollie's jackets and I love it! It will last forever, never wrinkles, and is warm without being heavy for our South Texas weather. You will love having a colorful handmade Guatemalan jacket and no one will have one like it! One of a kind!
Mary Jo Langford, Seguin, Texas          

I have 2 of Ollies jackets...had them for years....still love them, still wear them !
Kevin McCormack, Seguin, Texas          

Jane Matthews reviewed Ollie's Gifts & Imports
***** 5 stars *****
The clothing is so original and creative.  Each piece original design and handmade. No factory. I have a red collar with the long fringe and love wearing it. I also have a turquoise jewelry collar necklace and it pops! Wore it on a vacation to Brazil. Ollie is passionate about this clothing, and her enthusiasm and devotion are infectious! Hurry, pick something out!!
Sandy Masters, Austin, Texas          

 Dear Ollie, My father Jerry gifted one of your blouses to my wife Karen this year . They are so beautiful and so fantastic !!! Love ,
Hamilton Clancy